What’s with all those colors?

Sometimes the simplest thing like a walk through the park can bring so many ideas and inspirations. Early in the spring this year, when the woods were still in the shades of grey and brown I came across this amazing patch of trees that completey stood out from the rest of the surroundings. We’ve got to use that for a scene and we’ve got to be quick before it is lost in the wake of spring. The concept practically painted itself: colors, colors, colors!

So how to do such a look? To be honest it took me a while to figure it out. How to get those vivid colors and not spend a fortune for professional make-up products? Well, this time I’ll let you in on my secret. 🙂 It’s chalk. You know those sticks children use to paint onto sidewalks? Yup, it’s that simple. Buy some in a local shop, crush it quite thoroughly so you end up with a pile of very fine color dust. And there you go.

I think Stephanie was the perfect model for this. She was up for it immediately, and of course my favorite make-up artist Magda – she took care of the rest. Here’s the result:


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